Is selling an art, or a science? It’s BOTH: An equilibrium of innate ability and adopting a structured process. In this digital world, success is dependent on the strong analysis of customer’s profiles and business needs, whilst an adversity quotient (AQ) and the ability to influence the customers.

Is selling…

How an Awesome Talent Experience Can Drive Growth in an MNC

The modern multinational corporation (MNC) focuses on the development and retention of exceptionally talented employees because it drives valuable objectives and best achieves business outcomes. Research has shown that businesses in emerging markets outperform its competitors across industries when…




我有个应用程序,每天都提醒我在这世上剩下来的时间。今天为止,我剩下的一共是13,870天, 就等于19,972,800分钟。看似很多,其实仅仅才不过332,880小时而已!

有了这数据,让我更大胆地去尝试很多之前不敢的东西与事情。即使感到恐惧,也让我接受这些挑战、勇往直前。还有什么事情和我的时间相关呢?我是否处于Comfort Zone?对我来说,这些事情到底重不重要?



如果你有信念 — 坚定的信念 — 它会反映在你的行动。你会依照你的信仰而行事, 间接影响他人。


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